What? Are Lydia and Arg back together? AGAIN?

He cheated on her 20 times, she says. Twenty!

TOWIE: Lydia Bright James Argent

by Georgina Terry |
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Oh, Lydia Rose Bright. We need to have serious words with her.

It scenes that we definitely did not see coming a million miles away (we did) it looks as though Lydia has got back together with James ‘Arg’ Argent.

You know, the one who reportedly cheated on her twenty times. And lied to her.

What. Is Lydia. Thinking?

We accept that Arg has a certain man-child charm, and he is looking the fittest we’ve ever seen him of late, but the constant Arg #agg must be draining.

Maybe Lydia just needs a hobby that occupies a lot of her time. Or a new dog.

Again? *sigh

Elsewhere in TOWIE, Vas J Morgan is still trying to apologise to everyone in Essex but Danni Armstrong is having none of it.

Well, Vas did her call her “scum” on Twitter. We have not forgotten!

And neither, it seems, has Danni.

Finger says "no"

Is Vas trying to make amends before leaving like his BFF and queen of our hearts, Lauren Pope?

She hasn’t been around for ages and we thought she was going to be with us until the end of the season but sometimes life is unfair.

Meanwhile, Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell has written a rap! About Ferne McCann! We told you so.

And it is absolutely not going to be the most cringeworthy thing we have ever seen on our tellybox ever.

No, it’s not.


We predict a *cringe

***TOWIE continues tonight on ITVBe at 10pm. ***

heat has seen every single episode of TOWIE, you know. Yes, it’s on series 16. No, we have no regrets.

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