Is TOWIE star Billie Faiers’ daughter Nelly the cutest baby EVER?

The pom-pom is as big as her head. Repeat, the pom-pom is AS BIG AS HER HEAD


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Just when we reckon Billie Faiers’ baby daughter Nelly couldn’t get any cuter, she only goes and… gets even cuter.

With each photo our eyes pop out of heads even more. Is the child magic? Has she had a spell cast on her? And why didn’t WE look that cute when we were little?

We were covered in rashes. And snot. And chocolate, and not in a cute way.

We imagine that wee Nelly slurps on nothing but the finest organic pureed vegetables, and boy does it show. She’s *glowing* with cute.

The fact that Nelly gets cuter day by day is a phenomenon that we can’t quite understand, but one that might be caused by the addition of a woolly pom-pom hat with a pom-pom that’s AS BIG AS NELLY’S TEENY LITTLE HEAD.

Look at her chops – just look at her.

Billie captioned the photo: “My little doodles all wrapped in her beautiful new @jamkidswear Pom Pom hat.”

Doodles indeed.

Billie, who’s possibly the yummiest mummy in the world (this family has seriously good genes) has also been busy looking slinky over New Year’s Eve when she’s not dressing her daughter in cute hats.

Nelly was born in July, so she’s about six months old now. That means there’s plenty more months of cute ahead of us. Phew.

And this is Nelly's yummy mummy...


How does Billie Faiers look THIS GOOD three weeks after giving birth? She actually defies ALL THE LAWS OF PHYSICS

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