TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou and Danielle Armstrong open first ever Selfie School. WHAT?!


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by Rebecca Heyes |
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We’ve come across some ridiculous stories in our time, but this one truly takes the biscuit.

An actual Selfie School (apparently the first ever one in the world) has opened and who better to attend the launch than TOWIE stars and serial selfie addicts Georgia Kousoulou and Danielle Armstrong.

The girls officially opened the school at London Oxford Street’s Carphone Warehouse and there was even a class entitled “Stop Look Glisten”.

No, no, you're doing it wrong

Make of that what you will.

Speaking at the launch, Georgia and Danielle both admitted to taking over 20 selfies a day.


Every single day?

Even on a Monday?

“Behind the scenes, a lot of effort goes into making a selfie look spontaneous and natural,” said Danielle.

“I’m not sure I believe anyone who says otherwise.

“I probably take more than 20 a day but delete two thirds of them.

“You’ve got to prepare properly – your hair, face and outfit - especially before you can share your selfies with the world”

Ever the professionals

“Selfie’s are the modern diary – it shows your friends where you’ve been, who you’ve been with, what you were wearing,” added Georgia.

“And after a big night out, sometimes it’s the best way to remember.”

Going with the approach of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, maybe it’s a good idea.

Maybe people should learn how to take the ultimate selfie, to spare them of any awkward social media disasters.

More news!

Whilst they’re there, maybe Georgia and Danielle could also give a lecture in the art of the TOWIE nightclub drink throw, of which most of the cast have perfected.

“Stop Look and Launch your Drink at Cheating Male Cast Member”.

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