Tulisa hints that celebs are getting work done, but she’s not going to tell you who

Tulisa has revealed all about her lip fillers...


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Tulisa has done a warts ‘n’ all chat (wait, another?) on the back of her new single and she’s revealed even more about her year from hell – as well as her much-talked about face and body.

The ex-X Factor judge told MailOnline:

“I've commented openly about the fact I get my lips done and that I've had filler in my cheeks. I’ve openly said it. I’m not hiding it.

“The inside secret is that everybody has something done, but just nobody talks about it.”

TELL US NAMES, TULISA. WE WANT NAMES! Clearly, the most interesting part of this chat is THAT YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO’S BEEN GETTING WHAT DONE!

Oh, no names? OK, then. Let’s go back to the, er, scintillating interview at hand.

“The best lesson I’ve learnt this year? I feel like I’ve found my chill.”

Oh, Tulisa. That’s seriously the best lesson you’ve learnt this year? That you found your chill? Ours was that M&Ms peanut butter flavour are available in the UK and aren’t just a US thing (these hips don’t lie), but maybe that’s just us.

Tulisa carries on to explain how she escaped from her demons whilst battling her court case for supplying cocaine earlier this year.

“When I had nothing else to do, I literally would just exercise, eat, sleep and go to the studio. That was really my routine for a year.”

Told you the interview was scintillating.

Check out Tulisa's changing face fashions below


Tulisa Contostavlos' face over the years before and after surgery

September 20071 of 32

September 2007

At the MOBO Awards with Fazer and Dappy

September 20092 of 32

September 2009

At the O2 Silver Clef Awards 2009

August 20093 of 32

August 2009

Leaving the MOBO Awards in 2009

November 20094 of 32

November 2009

At a photocall for the T4 Stars of 2009

December 20095 of 32

December 2009

Leaving the London Studios after a session with N-Dubz and Mr Hudson

April 20106 of 32

April 2010

At a book signing for N-Dubz's autobiography N-Dubz: Against All Odds: From Street Life To Chart Life. 'Member that?

April 20107 of 32

April 2010

At the Lipsy launce in Movida London

July 20108 of 32

July 2010

Performing at London's Somerset House

tulisa-contostavlos-black-hair-pre-surgery9 of 32


September 201010 of 32

September 2010

Performing at Wembley actual Arena for BBC1 Xtra Live

June 201111 of 32

June 2011

At the X Factor auditions in Birmingham

July 201112 of 32

July 2011

At the X Factor auditions in London

July 201113 of 32

July 2011

Loving life at Hyde Park's Wireless Festival

July 201114 of 32

July 2011

Performing at T4 On The Beach in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

October 201115 of 32

October 2011

On the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards in London

October 201116 of 32

October 2011

Looking fresh faced at the X Factor studios in London

April 201217 of 32

April 2012

Posing outside the V&A Museum in London ahead of a birthday party

tulisa-contostavlos-botox-surgery-picture18 of 32


May 201219 of 32

May 2012

With biiiiiiig hair outside the O2 Arena for the 2012 X Facor auditions

July 201220 of 32

July 2012

Celebrating her 25th birthday in Ibiza

September 201221 of 32

September 2012

Signing copies of her new autobiography Honest Story So Far in Smiths

October 201222 of 32

October 2012

Taking her X Factor contestants - Jade Ellis, Ella Henderson and Lucy Spraggan - to the BBC Radio 1 studios in London

October 201223 of 32

October 2012

Posing on the red carpet at the world premiere of James Bond film Skyfall at London's Royal Albert Hall

May 201324 of 32

May 2013

With incredible poodle hair at the 2013 Sony Radio Academy Awards in London

tulisa-contostavlos-face-after-surgery25 of 32


August 201326 of 32

August 2013

Partying at London's Dstrkt club for friend Chelsee Healey's 25th birthday celebrations

December 201327 of 32

December 2013

Practising her best Nigella Lawson face for her first hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court over that drugs charge

December 201328 of 32

December 2013

Partying at Kelly Brook's bar Steam and Rye for her PA Gareth Varey's birthday

January 201429 of 32

January 2014

Waiting in the audience at the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 final night to support house cousin housemate Dappy

July 15 201430 of 32

July 15 2014

Striding into court for her drugs trial at Southwark Crown Court

July 16 201431 of 32

July 16 2014

Walking past the paps for day two of her drugs trial at Southwark Crown Court

July 21 201432 of 32

July 21 2014

Entering court just before her drugs trial collapsed, thanks to problems with the prosecurot's star witness

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