Tyga reveals SNAPCHAT was part of the reason he split up with Kylie Jenner

Social media addicts, beware!!

Kylie Jenner

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So, ICYMI, Kylie Jenner and Rack City rapper Tyga ended their romance about seven months ago, and (as is always the case with the Kardashian clan) there was a lot of mystery surrounding their break up.

Who split up with who? Why did it end, and would they get back together?

As time began to pass, we accepted we’d never know the answer... at least, not until the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs.

Kylie Jenner Tyga
Kylie and Tyga were together for three years

But now, an interview with Tyga has managed to answer some of our burning questions. And you’re going to be pretty surprised at one of the reasons the pair split!

Speaking to The Breakfast Club radio, the rapper said: "She's younger than me, so she's dealing with perception. For her, growing up how she grew up, image and perception is everything. You got a bunch of people pulling from you, and you're trying to develop as a woman…"

He then hinted that he got irritated by her constant use of Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, when he added: "I like to keep the mystique, but I knew that's kind of how she made her money.”

Hmmm. So even the SNAPCHAT QUEEN annoys her boyfriend when she posts constant selfies. We better make note of that, tbh.

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