Union J say “One Direction “deserve a break”

There are just too many hot people involved in this story…

Union j

by Anna Lewis |

We’re just getting used to the news about One Direction taking a break. We’re just trying to take each day as it comes…

But, let’s be honest, after five years of basically non-stop touring, 1D deserve a bit of a sit down.

That’s what fellow boyband Union J think anyway.

"They've been going for five years now, and as Union J we work hard at what we do, but times that by ten and it's what One Direction does," JJ Hamblett told* DigitalSpy.*


"They've travelled the world since they were 17 so they never had that childhood. We're a little bit older than them and do all our stuff in the UK, whereas they are never at home and never see their family. They deserve a break.

"You're going to see a lot of upset fans, but hopefully they can come round and realise that they've got to live their life a little bit as well. I'm sure all of them will have amazing careers."

Check out Union J at Thorpe Park this weekend (29August) as part of Island Beats.

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