Union J’s Jaymi Hensley wants 17 bridesmaids!



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Yes the Union J star wants not one, two or three, but SEVENTEEN bridesmaids for his wedding to Olly Marmon, but sadly, his wish is a tad too costly, so may not end up happening.

He's also admitted the idea came before Hollyoaks actor Kieron Richardson had a dozen bridesmaids in white dresses at his wedding.


The 25-year-old, who's been with Olly since 2009, told The Mirror: "That was our idea but we scrapped it when Kieron did it first! We've ended up with 17 bridesmaids and we wanted them in white because we feel a wedding needs big dresses.

"But it was going to end up as £20,000 on dresses alone. I don't even get to wear one!"

However, Jaymi is thinking it could be doable with a smaller amount, but now couldn't bare to cut some of the couple's female friends who were originally going to make up the 17 bridesmaids. Poor love.

Kieron Richardson and husband Carl Hyland with their bridesmaids.
Kieron Richardson and husband Carl Hyland with their bridesmaids.

In April, Kieron and Carl Hyland tied the know and were surround by a sea of white dresses as their closest friends all wore long white dresses for the special occasion.

Weddings can be stressful, but Jaymi hasn't even set a date yet so there's not too much rush for the boys to wed.

He added: "I have been so busy haven't had a chance to think about. [There is] no date set yet but hopefully soon!"

Union J are set to release a new album and Jaymi insists the himself, Josh Cuthbert, JJ Hamblett and George Shelley are "thrilled" to have more control over their careers.

Earlier this month Jaymi spoke of how popular their second album - You've Got It All - did, so they've decided to write the entirety of their next album, untitled as of yet.

"We had a month or so off and then we started writing the album. We felt that because 'You Got It All' did so well and we got such a great reaction with that styles of music we wanted to write this album ourselves," Jaymi told Sugarscape.

While Josh added: "We loved our last album but we felt like it was a better move to release a new song because nothing else was in the lane we want to go down."

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