Vacation star Chris Hemsworth needed a 10-INCH prosthetic penis because the smaller sizes were “out of proportion”

Working in the wardrobe department on that film must’ve been hell on Earth

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Remember when the first trailer for upcoming movie Vacation came out and all anyone could talk about was THAT scene in which Chris Hemsworth’s penis suddenly takes centre stage? Course you do. That’s the whole reason you clicked on this story, isn’t it?

But we forgive you your perving ways. We’ve actually got this gif of the beast saved to our desktop, so we can take a sneaky peek whenever we get bored.


So…hauntingly beautiful, isn’t it? The swirl of those pants, the way the lines just curve oh-so diagonally across the screen, completely at odds with the horizontal and vertical shapes in the rest of the room…

Ahem Sorry, what? Oh yeah – so Chris Hemsworth actually needed a bigger sized prosthetic dick to wear in Vacation because the smaller ones just didn’t look right.

The film’s writer-directors, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, admitted that Chris’s swinging schlong actually caused hella problems during filming – especially for the wardrobe department.

“It was definitely one of the more surreal aspects of preparing for this movie – there was a hapless stand-in who first came in when we were looking at the possibilities [of fake dicks], and he’d put it on and have to show all the different options to us,” explained Jonathan.

“And then we tried it out on Chris, and it became awkward, but in a funny way. He was all for it, and ready to do it.”

“Chris modelled the eight-inch and the 10-inch options for us,” added John Francis. “As big as [the eight-inch] would seem, it did not look that big on him. I think it was just because Chris is such a big, hulking dude.”

Just imagine that scene with your mind. Here’s another visual aid, in case you need it:


John Francis went on: “Chris was playing with it and handling it, and we found that there was this metal rod in it that was supposed to make it bendable.” Go get yourself a glass of water, you’re looking thirsty.

“The problem was whatever shape you bent it into, it would stay in — which is not like a real dick! So we took the rod out, which allowed it to be more flaccid, but obviously just as huge.”

We’re just going to leave this there now, because we feel FILTHY.

Vacation hits cinemas 21 August, so... y'know... book your tickets soon and that

Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth


Happy birthday Chris Hemsworth

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Chris in character the 2015 film Vacation. Chris plays a bit of a douchebag, but still hot.

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