The Valleys’ Lateysha Grace confirms pregnancy following heart-breaking miscarriage

Valleys star Lateysha Grace has confirmed she’s six months pregnant!


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Last July, The Valleys’ Lateysha Grace revealed she’d suffered a miscarriage. The reality star was heartbroken and stepped away from the spotlight. But today, she revealed that she was expecting another baby and incredibly, is six months along.

Posting a picture of herself on Instagram, she wrote: “I can finally take bump pics 24 weeks…”

Lateysha told* the Star* earlier: “I didn’t want to risk telling people in case it happened again, it was hard,” but now is celebrating her happy news with her fans and revealed she’s having a baby girl.

“I found out that I am having a girl and I am over the moon. I've already been buying cute little outfits for her and I want her to be like a mini-me,” she said to the Mirror.


“I absolutely can't wait to be a mother. I have lots of young cousins and I have younger brothers and sisters so I think it will just come naturally to me. I am loving the 'glow' that it gives me and its an amazing feeling to feel this tiny baby growing and kicking inside of me.”

Lateysha also used the moment to hit back at trolls who’d bullied her over her recent weight gain.

She wrote: “You can call me fat all you like .... but the thing is it doesn't hurt me ! I'm carrying a child one of the most amazing things a woman can do so I'm going to embrace it ! I don't mind being 'fat' ATM”.

Good for you, Lateysha. And congratulations!


The Valleys girls Lateysha Grace and Jenna Jonathan without makeup

Lateysha GraceThe reality star looking au naturel1 of 4

Lateysha GraceThe reality star looking au naturel

The reality star looking au naturel

Lateysha Grace2 of 4

Lateysha Grace

Ah, that's a bit more familiar

Jenna Jonathan3 of 4

Jenna Jonathan

Do you think Jenna looks better without make-up?

Jenna Jonathan4 of 4

Jenna Jonathan

Jenna looking her usual self

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