You need to hear Vanessa Hudgens sing the Friends theme song RN

Vanessa Hudgens covered the Friends song

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Vanessa Hudgens was the noughties version of Niomi Smart. Smiley, perfect and someone you desperately wanted to invite to your sleepover, complete with home-made hair conditioner masks made from avocado, mushed up banana and good vibes. Whilst discussing how to get an A in the next exam. Before the lure of WKD’s and fit lords led you astray, of course.

Ten years on, ‘Nessa is even more #goals then that time she duetted with Zac Efron on the top of her school roof. She revealed how she GHOSTED Zac after their break up (lololol) and there are even talks of her and Ashley Tisdale recording an album. Please baby Jesus, that would make our morning commute actually bearable. Currently, even the dear sight of the bus makes our head hurt.

Vanessa Hudgens covered the Friends song

Now let's heat have fallen in love with Vanessa Hudgens even more (almost on par with peanut butter smushed on ice cream) and founf the time she sung the Friends theme song on the Jimmy Fallon show. Yaaaaaas.

Wanna see it? Course you do! Get a sandwich ready, maybe one of those gins in a can your kitchen accomodates.


BRB gonna WhatsApp all our mates a lovely meme or two!

Friends meme


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