If you’re vegan or dairy free you’re going to LOVE what Starbucks just did

If you're neither then, y'know, it's still nice

starbucks almond milk

by Stevie Martin |
Published on

If you're a vegan or can't have dairy (you poor thing) then Starbucks has just made your day. While, historically, you've been able to enjoy a soya milk latte, flat white, white flat latte etc, now you've got a choice.

Because Starbucks just introduced Almond Milk to their UK branches. What's that? Oh it's just the sound of cows mooing with relief at their own, newly freed, udders. And vegans crying.

While Americans have been able to enjoy an almond milk Starbucks drink for about a year now, we wondered when it'd make the move across the pond. Now it's joined soya and coconut milks, and can be ordered with any drink you like.

Here is just one of the options.

And if that doesn't float your coffee boat, then how about this? But instead of coconut milk, you could have almond milk. Obviously.

Thank you, Starbucks.

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