Vicky Pattison and Olivia Buckland are starring in a tv show together!

Literal heaven.

Olivia buck and vicky pattison

by Aimee Jakes |
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Olivia Buckland - aka Love Island 2016’s princess and bizniss lady and Vicky Pattison - Geordie Shores original mortal queen - have joined forces and have hinted they are bringing us a brand spankin’ new tv show.


Olivia Buck uploaded a selfie of the pair hugging (the kind we give EVERYONE after two glasses of wine) with the caption ‘What a woman this one is @vickypattison absolute babe’n. Such fun yesterday filming for a new show you are gonna LOVE it it’s hilarious.’

Olivia and vicky

We are so excited we could wee.

What the show actually is however, we have no clue. Though Olivia posted a recent OOTD to Twitter, teasing us of her plans to pop up on our telly.

Olivia and vicky

‘Filming something special’ she wrote.

WHAT IS IT. WHAT IS IT. WHAT IS IT. We need some peanut butter smushed on toast to calm down.

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