Vicky Pattison hits Bear right where it hurts

Their love was too beautiful for this world

by Georgina Terry |
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Sometimes a love story comes along that is so beautiful, so fragile, so made of unicorn kisses and fairy wine that you know it cannot last long in this cruel world.

The love affair between Vicky ‘Vicky’ Pattison and Bear ‘Stephen’ Bear was one of these.

Their romance began, as all of the great romances do, on a dating show, in this case, MTV’S Ex on the Beach.

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    Vicky came in as the ex of Kirk Norcross, despite them going on, to our memory, about three dates, but sure, we’ll go with that.

    Bear, who we strongly believe is the Tinder generation’s Paul Danan, was on the show because of his strong, animal attraction for women.

    But it was inevitable that the king and queen of the house would end up together, after Kirk’s untimely exit anyway, and we watched with delight as their love affair lit up TV screens and hearts across the land.

    It was not to last. And the demise of the relationship looks to be as ugly as the start was gorgeous.

    Bear has hit out at Vicky via Twitter, seeming to hint that Vicky cheated on him, something that Camp Vicky strongly deny.

    So Vicky has hit back at Bear right where it hurts. That’s right, she’s kicked him straight in the Instagrams.

    Now, Vicky doesn’t directly mention Bear’s name in these posts but come on, you don’t need to be Mystic Meg to see where her vitriol is aimed.

    So there you have it. Vicky Pattison is wearing her pain like a beautiful jewel.

    If we did that we’d have enough for a tiara and ear rings and a belly bar. And that’s just from our sadness at this break up.

    Why is life so cruel?

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