Why Vicky Pattison will never forgive herself :(

Vicky Pattison

by Aimee Jakes |
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Regrets are always in the forefront of our bloody minds. We regret walking into Zara last week and spending 63% of our pay cheque on tops (to go with jeans so we can wear 'jeans and a nice top' okay?!!?) We also regret drunk texting a guy we met from Tinder who brought up his ex before we settled on a spice for our butterfly chicken (medium obv) and we also regret wearing a waistcoat circa 2008.

We regret a lot of 2008 actually.

When Geordie Shore bae Vicky Pattison was grilled on her reality TV days, it turns out she regrets the show that made her a celeb in the first place.

Vic candidly told the Daily Star, 'I try not having regrets but I do have some. I know I’d never be where I am without [Geordie Shore] and I will always be grateful for that.

'I still love most of the cast like Holly, Kyle, Scotty, Aaron and Charlotte is doing amazingly well.

'But having said that some of the things I did on Geordie Shore I will never forgive myself for. I lost myself on the show. I became a character lost in the machine.

'I lost who I was as a person to give other people what I thought they wanted from me. I swapped my respect for attention for a while which I will always have to live with.'

Oh Vicky pet. We thought you were great.

She also threw some MAJOR SHADE and a metaphorical glass of Prosexy at Jemma Lucy and Megan McKenna, because why not, eh.

'Reality TV’s on another level at the moment. When we started Geordie Shore we were all clueless, but now they’re all out for screen time,' she explains.

It’s the Megan McKenna and Gemma Lucy effect. I’m not saying I’m not responsible for pioneering it, but I’m happy to walk away from it.'

Meoooooow. Stick a fork in us, we are DONE.

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