Vicky Pattison slams trolls accusing her of PHOTOSHOPPING her weight loss: “Just f**k off you helmets!”

Well that's one way to get the message across

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Vicky Pattison has had it up to HERE with trolls slagging off her appearance – so she's hit back with one helluva Instagram photo.

The former* Geordie Shore* star posted this image of herself working out yesterday evening with a VERY ranty message aimed at the worst of her critics, who have been accusing her of photoshopping her new abs and slimmed down waist.

"Right, I don't normally pander to you Instagram imbeciles, twitter trolls or just general helmets who's lives revolve around being negative and abusive on social media but this is an issue I am going to make a stand on as it's getting on my tits!!!" she started.

"This is a completely unairbrushed image from my @minivnutrition photoshoot... Unedited and untouched this is what I look like!

"I'm not perfect- my body is not where I want it to be but I work hard and have managed to get to a point where I feel comfortable in my own skin through diet, exercise and using my @minivnutritioncollection!!"

Vicky added that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, insisting that she's not demanding that people look a certain way, but that she had tried one method and it had paid off.

"But don't say I'm fake or airbrushed or lying because I am not... In short, if you don't like it or me.. Just f**k off. □," she added.

A newly slimmed down Vicky with Casey Batchelor

Sheesh. It comes after Vicky told one interviewer that losing three stone has made her a "nicer person" to be around – and that she's way more focused since she started working out.

Check out Vicky's video for heat Makes You Happy here.

GALLERY: Vicky Pattison's greatest moments


Vicky Pattison's greatest moments

Vicky anal bleaching1 of 13

Vicky anal bleaching

Only Vicky sees that anal bleaching is daft “I’m just here to offer my support,” she explains, brusque as Mary Poppins, while Charlotte squeezes her hands tightly and tries not to think about having the better part of bottle of Toilet Duck shoved up her bumhole.

Vicky Ricci proposal2 of 13

Vicky Ricci proposal

Vicky gets a plane proposal While it lasted, Vicky and Ricci’s love was hotter than a kebab that had been left out in the sun. They were a modern day Burton/Taylor, or, for our older readers, Same Difference. And because subtlety is for goons, Ricci asked her with a massive banner.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.25.583 of 13

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.25.58

Vicky attacks a girl with a shoe This wasn’t great, but then who hasn’t looked at their heels and thought “I could really take someone out with these!”? We all went on a journey together, and learned violence never solves anything. Also, you’re less likely to lash out at someone when you’re wearing Converse.

Vicky is a good friend4 of 13

Vicky is a good friend

Vicky is a good friend□ □We know Vicky does not ship Gaz and Chaz, to the point of being a metaphorical ship sinking iceberg. But she loves Charlotte enough to hang out in the loos with her and cuddle her when she has an early, regrettable intimate encounter with Mr Beadle. Little did Vicky know that Charlotte would be seeing more of Gaz’s underpants than the local launderette.

Vicky learns Spanish5 of 13

Vicky learns Spanish

Vicky speaks Spanish.“All you've got to say when you're in Mexico is 'dos Jaegerbomb por favour' or 'dos vodka red bull por favour”. That is Vicky Pattison’s entire guide to Cancun.

Vicky relationshipn counsellor6 of 13

Vicky relationshipn counsellor

Vicky is a relationship counselor It did not take our girl long to get frustrated with the Crosby/Beadle union, that was permanently threatening to come asunder. “Charlotte and Gaz are having another f**king argument about one of them pulling. In other shocking news water is wet.” She has such a lovely turn of phrase – we understand why she finds Shakespeare inspirational. "They're like Romeo and Juliet... if Romeo was a TWAT!" There you go.

Vicky Gaz shag pad prophecy7 of 13

Vicky Gaz shag pad prophecy

Vicky thinks consistency is for idiots Vicky has always made it clear that to her, Gaz has less erotic appeal than a wet sack of kale with a face drawn on it. But eventually she got drunk and bored enough to drag him to the shag pad. Vicky is the patron saint of all our regrettable Christmas party conquests.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.37.208 of 13

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.37.20

Vicky looks good in green The slackers of Made In Chelsea might get offices and interns, but in the old days, La Pattison had to hustle for dollar while dressed as a giant Fruit Pastille.

Vicky bus proposal9 of 13

Vicky bus proposal

Vicky is fun on bus journeys “I've had marriage proposals, I've had c*** in my face!” beamed Vicky, who was making the most out of the mass transit systems of Newcastle, Australia. At this point, the bus had not left the terminal.

Vicky tashing on10 of 13

Vicky tashing on

No-one tashes on like Vicky She’s swapped more saliva than a sneaky boy trading used Panini stickers. Vicky’s got the oral skills of a snake. One that supplements its diet of eggs with other, more docile snakes.

Vicky bake off11 of 13

Vicky bake off

Vicky ought to be on Bake Off "Has Gary got a chocolate c*** that I don't know about? Some sort of Battenburg bell***?" she mused, trying to figure out just what it is that leads an unprecedented number of women to the contents of Gaz’s trousers. Vicky needs to be in the next series of GBBO – we want to see Mary B dealing with this.

Vicky sex face12 of 13

Vicky sex face

Vicky is a sex siren Vicky is so good at the old rumpy whoopsy dance that a leading ‘sexpert’ confirmed her ‘arrival’ face expresses mad raunch skillz. We were not surprised.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.48.0513 of 13

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 12.48.05

Vicky invented a new genre of reality telly – fourth dimension hyper reality All our Christmasses, and A Level theatre studies recollections, came at once, when Vicky smashed the fourth wall and went on a date with Kirk-Off-TOWIE. If she could only see her way clear to snogging Spencer Matthews, she might change ‘real’ life as we know it forever.

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