Vicky Pattison’s latest crush is wrong Wrong WRONG

Oh, Vicky, love. Are you sure?

Vicky signs copies of her book for fans

by Daniella Scott |
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Vicky Pattison has been like a sassy wise wizard to us over the years. She's exactly the kind of person we want to hire to make all of our life decisions for us. Although, sadly, we hear she isn't looking for a job with no pay, perks or holiday whatsoever.

But we're now reconsidering the job offer, as Vicky has revealed that her celeb crush is not some beautiful, muscular, man-angel with a peen the size of Lewis Bloor's and a Michelin star to his name, but is none other than… Richard Madeley.

Speaking about Chloe Madeley, who she trekked 60 kilometres through Iceland in aid of Coppafeel with, she said: "We've got a little 'ho-mance' going on. It would be amazing to go to Richard and Judy's for dinner!

"I was speaking to Dickie on the phone actually, telling him how much I fancy him and that he's a absolute sort'," our Geordie pet told OK! magazine.

Yes, you read that correctly, "Dickie" aka Richard Madeley, off Richard And Judy.

Mr Madeley is a great catch, that's not to be denied, but what about a nice boy who isn't your mate's dad, eh?

Especially considering that some of Vicky's love interests have been a been a bit interesting, to say the least…

Let's start with Geordie Shore co-star Ricci Guarnaccio, who Vicky was engaged to for a year before calling it quits. Presumably after realising that not only were his t-shirts indecently small, but nobody could understand a word he said.

Vicky signs copies of her book for fans

Then there's Stephen Bear, who Vicky dated briefly after they met filming Ex On The Beach. Bear is having a bit of a moment right now, but let's not forget that he's spent the last three weeks on national television broadcasting his new relationship to his actual girlfriend at home.

We think you could do loads better, oh wise one.

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