Vicky Pattison goes on ANOTHER date with Spencer Matthews

Why, pet. Whhhhy?

Spencer Matthews, Vicky Pattison

by Georgina Terry |

Readers, terrible (IOO) news.

Vicky Pattison, our Geordie sweetheart, has gone on ANOTHER date with Spencer Matthews.


Why are we so upset about this news?

Because Spencer is a terrible womaniser and our Vicky deserves so much more.

Sure, Vicky puts the F in f*cking feisty, but if not even Lucy Watson can tame the beast what hope is there for Vicky or for any woman?

No hope.

How many women has Spencer mugged off? Let us count the ways.

  • Louise Thompson who Spencer cheated on as she ‘allowed him to’.

  • Lucy Watson who Spencer cheated on as she ‘told him she loved him’.

  • Stephanie Pratt who Spencer cheated on as she moved over from America to spend time with him, poor Spenny.

  • Lauren Hutton who Spencer cheated on as he is Spencer.

In fact, the only woman we can think of who Spencer didn’t mug off is Caggie Dunlop and for that she should have some kind of statue or blue plaque or something.

And, TBH, Spencer probably did stick at least his tongue in a woman behind Caggie’s back but didn’t admit to it or get caught.

Oh, Vicky. Stephen Bear doesn’t look like such a bad option in retrospect. Or fit lord Joss Mooney.

Want to know who else the *Geordie Shore *lot have bucked? We’ve put together a handy guide!

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