Vicky Pattison WADES INTO the Zara Holland Loose Women row


Zara Holland

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Zara Holland, the Love Island contestant and ex Miss Great Britain title holder, hit the headlines earlier this year after being dethroned for getting saucy with giant peen owner, Alex Bowen.

It opened a huge can of worms and people were either bombarding Zara with hate (not cool) or were furious that a lady getting jiggy because she fancies someone should cause such an outrage.

Because, last time we checked it was 2016.

Zara Holland

Zara suffered a VERY intense grilling from the ladies on Loose Women this week about her time on the reality TV show, followed by a proper awks bit where they brought out the new Miss GB.

Talk about pulling some sort of Regina George move right there. Poor Zara.

And now Vicky Pattison has waded in to give her tuppance on what she thinks of it all.

For those who didn't see it, Zara appeared on the lunchtime show and Sherrie Hewson and June Sarpong got PRETTY full on. And fans didn't think it was okay, at all.

When June reminded her that there were terms and conditions in her Miss GB contract, Zara told the panel: "Miss Great Britain promote themselves and pride themselves as a modern day beauty pageant… we are living in 2016, not the 1950s,"

Exactly what WE said.

But one of Sherrie's statements was actually – we kid you not - "it is about respect for you and for you family."

Hmm. No mention of Alex Bowen having no respect for himself or his family? No? OK.

Vicky – who wasn't even on the panel – was soon forced to muscle into because people started pointing fingers and blaming our Geordie pet for not sticking up for Zara.

She set the record straight though, and at the SAME time gave a tid bit of a hint that actually, she didn't agree with what the other Loose Women were saying to Zara either.

Hear hear! Our verdict is that everybody should just relax and GTFOI.

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't tell us to be kind to one another for no reason, people.

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