Vicky Pattison’s shock drinking session: ‘Her eyes were rolling back into her head – she was out of control’

Despite swearing off the booze, our onlooker says Vicky was out of control


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After a heavy night partying in Marbella, Vicky Pattison swore off alcohol. Newspaper reports claimed the Judge Geordie star had been in a fight after drinking too much. She was later hospitalised. Vicky swore off booze, telling the Sun: “I’m never drinking again.”

But, on a recent trip to Magaluf – where last week the laws were changed to deter tourists from drinking so much – we can report that Vicky ended up in the street, sat on a kerb and, according to bystanders, seemed out of control.

Sarah, from Sussex, is working as a rep in Magaluf. She exclusively tells heat Vicky was in a bad way.

“I was in The Project [a club in Magaluf] when I saw Vicky around 4am sitting in the VIP area,” Sarah explains. “Her behaviour was really erratic and she was swaying from side to side and twitching. She’d been drinking and looked out of control.”

Just 45 minutes later, Vicky went out into the street and Sarah watched as she sat on a street corner near other drunk party-goers.

“Vicky’s eyes were rolling back in her head and her head kept dropping. She had her head in her hands,” Sarah said. “Her eyes wouldn’t focus on anything. Her bodyguard was leaning over her asking her what she wanted to do.”


The morning after the 27-year-old told her fans on Twitter: “Woke up on a bench in the airport wrapped in a maxi dress (like a fajita) with a raging hangover.”

Sarah thinks Vicky should be ashamed of her behaviour. She added: “Being that bad in the street is not a good look. And it’s embarrassing because she’s in Magaluf. She should be on a nice holiday – she’s minted. She didn’t even go to BCM, the massive club with the nice VIP section, she went to the workers' party in Project.”

Oh dear, Vicky.

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