Victoria Beckham admits she IS a Justin Bieber fan after bumping into him in a crepe shop

Who knew?


by Maria Vallahis |

Victoria Beckham has not only bumped into Justin Bieber while out for a crepe she's also admitted to being a Bieber fan.

OMG, Posh spice is a Bielieber.

The former Spice Girls member told her Twitter and Instagram followers that she bumped into JB and even complimented the singer on his new track, What Do You Mean?


VB tweeted: "Guess who we ran into in the crepe shop?How good is this song?!?who knew??? X vb."

Does Justin even know who Victoria Beckham is?

Probably not, considering he was born the same year the Spice Girls were formed.

VB even shared her excitement on Instagram.

And after a lenghty process of teasing us on social media, the Biebz dropped his music video for What Do You Mean?

It's a bit Rihanna-ish (minus blood and gore) but there is a kidnap scene and masked criminals.

The video was revealed just after he broke down in tears on stage after performing the track on stage at the MTV VMAs last night.

Justin Bieber gets pensive on Instagram:


Justin Biber gets pensive on Instagram

Bieber 1
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Watch out for the fishies, Justin.

Bieber 2
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Did someone tell Bieber about the biting ants? Too late, all up in his hair now.

Bieber 3
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More ants. This time in Bieber's pants.

bieber 4
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We're a little too distracted by Justin's torso to think how he got up on that big rock.

Bieber 5
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No Justin, you are not Simba.

Bieber 6
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"We all fly" - what Biebz captioned this Insta-shot. Yes, until you fall JB. Be careful up there.

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