Victoria Beckham: ‘Working out with David brings us closer’

The couple that exercise together…

Victoria Beckham David working out together

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She once claimed to never exercise, but over the years Victoria Beckham has certainly changed her stance on working out. However, while she used to be happy going to exclusive gym classes and running on her home treadmill, Posh has really upped her game in recent months by hiring family friend Bobby Rich to train her and husband David. Gone are the high intensity cardio sessions as they have been replaced by weight training and we’re told that the 47-year-old fashion designer has never felt better.

Victoria Beckham David working out together
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For years Vic was primarily focused on fitness and weight loss, she loved being toned but would always say no to weights as part of her work out routine as she was always scared of bulking up,” our insider says. “No matter how much trainers tried to change her mind, she always preferred the high interval cardio training - and used to say she was addicted to the high she would get post workout. She was a huge fan of spinning and was a die-hard Soul Cycle fan in LA. But during these past few months she's switched her focus to weight training, with squats and lunges and it's completely revitalised her. She's actually in the best shape of her life, she is unbelievably strong and toned - and her body is at its peak.”

Victoria – who has four children, Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16 and 10-year-old Harper, with David – has always been very disciplined with her diet and mainly eats steamed fish and lots of green vegetables, including broccoli, kale, asparagus, beans and brussels sprouts. And while all these still form the basis of her diet she has had to adjust it as she trains more and is really seeing the results.

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David and Victoria land at Heathrow serving absolute airport outfit goals. Good to see David's sunglasses are all over Urban Outfitters rn, too. It all comes back around, eh?

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January 1998

The happy couple announce their engagement.

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June 1999

David and Victoria leave Down Hall Hotel with their newborn son Brooklyn.

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June 1999

Who could forget the ICONIC matching leathers at the opening of Versace Couture Jeans Boutique in London?

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July 1999

Becks and Victoria Adams (yup) leave her parents' Hertfordshire home and head to Ireland for their wedding.

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August 2000

David supports Victoria at the Virgin Megastores signing of her debut solo single Out of Your Mind with True Steppers and Dane Bowers. Cute.

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April 2003

Oh hey, baby Romeo Beckham. The couple's second son was born on 1st September 2002.

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May 2003

Not so much a relationship milestone, more a prime example of David and Victoria's hilariously-noughties matchy-matchy looks at the MTV Movie Awards in LA.

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November 2003

David picks up his OBE at Buckingham Palace. Victoria then totally took the piss out of press claiming she was jealous of his award in the video for her single Let Your Head Go.

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February 2005

David arrives at the Ruber Clinic in Madrid with flowers after Victoria gives birth to the pair's third son Cruz.

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June 2006

Just a hilarious pic of Brooklyn Beckham. AS YOU WERE.

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July 2007

Remember VB's ITV2 show Victoria Beckham: Coming to America? Classic.

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August 2008

Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz join dad David on stage at the Teen Choice Awards in LA. Adorable.

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September 2008

His and hers 'Signature' fragrance, anyone?

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December 2010

Obsessed with Victoria's look at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards 2010, tbh.

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September 2012

David's photographed carrying daughter Harper, who was born on 10th July 2011.

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December 2012

David, Victoria and the boys attend the launch of Spice Girls musical Viva Forever! (but VB refused to arrived with her four bandmates, awks.)

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May 2014

The pair give their matchy '03 MTV Movie Awards look a 2014 update at the Met Gala.

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November 2015

Lookin' all sophisticated at the British Fashion Awards.

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May 2018

The jammy buggers only went and got an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, didn't they?

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“Medically the advice is that the older we get, the more we need to do weight training to keep muscle mass and bone density - and of course if done right, then there's no bulk,” our source explains. “For years, exercise to Vic was all about burning those calories and burning off any fat. But now, in order to work out effectively, she needs to eat a lot more calories - that was quite a mindset switch for her, and something that took a while for her to get used to. With her there's always a fear of gaining weight, and so it did take a bit of adjusting too - but her trainer is super motivational and she still has a very healthy diet.”

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As well as feeling great, Victoria is loving spending more time with David, 46, and says working out together is having lots of benefits.

“For her, there's the added bonus of working out with David - and having him guide her progress,” our insider says. “It's one of the areas that he can take the lead on, and be the coach and motivator to her as well - usually it's her who takes the lead on most areas of their life, but in this department, David has been weight training for years. Vic is now so fit and strong and David is loving the new her. He has always been impressed with the 100% effort she puts in and says her determination and refusal to quit no matter how tough a work out puts her in the league of super athletes.”

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