Nobody knows who Victoria Beckham is…


Victoria Beckham?

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Who is this woman?

Who is this woman?
Who is this woman?

Y'know, that posh one out of that spicy band in the '90s? That girly band with the ginger one, the one that did kicks and the scary one? Oh, y'know who we mean, the one that's shacked up with that footballer... the one with the hair... always in his pants... has a voice like a tiny mouse whispering in the wind. OH COME ON. Erm, everyone always reckons she's a grump. She's got that kid named after a place that she and her husband bonked in, and one named after Leo Dicaprio in that Shakespeare film. Oh yeah, and she makes dresses and that now.

That's the sort of response we'd expect from our nan, if we asked her to explain who Victoria Beckham is. But we expect more from you, world.

Apparently no one really knows who VB is when she's out and about, even the staff of middle class supermarket and cardigan vendor, Marks & Spencer. Sadly, the staff in Subway recognise us far too often.


Speaking to Vogue, the 40 year old explained: "A lot of people probably don't even notice me.

"I'll dash around Marks & Spencer in my flat shoes, head down, with a shopping basket. Occasionally, at the checkout, a cashier will say, 'You look just like Victoria Beckham'."

Victoria, who has four kids with David Beckham - Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 12, Cruz, 10, and Harper, 3, went on to tell the mag that all her boys love football, but they also "love art" and apparently "Brooklyn loves photography" and "he's got a really great eye."

After reading that we nipped over to Instagram to check out Brooklyn's burgeoning picture skills. It seems lots of his pictures are in black and white now. There's a picture of an old hipster man and an awkward photobomb of Stephen Hawking. Nice. Art. #NoFiler. Etc.

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