Victoria Beckham gifted Geri Halliwell with a honeymoon dress!

Wasn't that nice of Posh Spice?

Victoria Beckham gifted Geri Halliwell honeymoon dress

by Lauren Smith |
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Sweetest Spice Girl rumour ever? Victoria Beckham reportedly gifted Geri Halliwell a designer dress for her honeymoon.

VB couldn't attend Geri's wedding in Woburn Abbey on Friday, because she had to attend Singapore Fashion Week, but according to* The Sun*, she made up for it by gifting Geri with a new frock from her upcoming collection for Gezza's honeymoon with Christian Horner, as well as a giant bunch of flowers.

"Victoria sent Geri a special dress from her own collection" a source told the paper.

"Her new line features abstract hearts, so what better occasion to wear one than on honeymoon? Victoria also sent a touching message of love and support and a giant flower arrangement which was so big a PA was struggling to find space for it."

While that all sounds lovely, one rumour we really hope isn't true is the other report from The Sun, that claimed Mel B didn't turn up for Geri's big day, giving her "hardly any notice". Even though her daughter Madison was set to be a bridesmaid!

A source claimed:

"Mel called Geri with hardly any notice to say she couldn't make it. This is despite jetting into London from LA this weekend to meet with X Factor bosses and discuss other future projects...Geri was annoyed but just rolled her eyes and blamed it on 'typical Mel'. All the events she's involved in end up full of drama."


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