Victoria Beckham’s panic: £300k plan to turn back time

The fashion designer will not be embracing any wrinkles

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There’s nothing like a milestone birthday to get you reassessing your life. And, as Victoria Beckham faces the last year of her forties, she’s told friends she’s starting to really panic about ageing and is ready to spend whatever it takes to stay looking young. Which apparently means all kinds of lifts, supplements, collagen, laser treatments and a twice-yearly trip to an exclusive European clinic to have whatever else is on offer, with insiders telling heat it’s costing the youth-obsessed former Spice Girl a whopping £300k a year – pennies really when you’re worth £380million…

“Vic refuses accept the ageing process and is happy to spend whatever it takes to make sure she stays looking good,” says an insider close to the fashion designer, who turns 49 in April.

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With one of the docs at her go-to German spa ©Instagram

“She’s spending an absolute fortune to ensure she looks and feels as good as physically possible, which means shelling out £10K a month on facials and body treatments from the best practitioners in the world. She also takes supplements that are formulated for her by a specialist lab, which studies your blood, hormone levels and DNA to create the ultimate bespoke age-defying pill. That alone costs around £2k a month, never mind the fact that she also checks herself into Villa Stéphanie in Germany for a regular ‘health week’. It costs £50k a pop, but she swears by it. Vic is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure her body and mind stay at peak performance. She sees it as an investment in herself.”

The mum of four has spoken openly about her commitment to health, recently admitting, “I’ll detox for anything from three to six months… I’m quite extreme in anything I do.” And, our insider says, those habits are only getting more obsessive.

“As well as having all the treatments, Vic also prides herself on a daily workout regime that a 25 year old would struggle to do. She takes it very seriously, and is now investing in a full health screen twice a year, getting everything checked out, and then opting for the most advanced medical solutions.”

But while she might look amazing, there’s no hiding your actual age when you’re a celebrity. The source continues, “Victoria’s doing everything she can, but she struggles with the fact that everyone in the world knows how old she is. So many of her friends have admitted to shaving a few years off their official age, but Vic doesn’t have that option. She can’t turn 50 quietly.”

Last week, Victoria was seen enjoying herself in sun-soaked Miami, along with her husband, former footballer David, and their two youngest children, Harper, 11, and Cruz, 17. The family were in the city to attend the wedding of their friend (and godfather to Cruz and Harper), singer Marc Anthony, 54, who was marring Nadia Ferreira, 24. VB was seen rubbing shoulders with young and gorgeous people all week, including her model friend Isabela Grutman, 27. And, we’re told none of it is helping her anxiety about aging.

“Miami is full of  beautiful twenty-somethings,” says our insider. “So, of course, Victoria feels her age much more over there. She can’t help noticing how much collagen they all have, and how firm  and perfect they look. Vic knows she looks great for her age, but it’s also hit her that she can never look like that again. The reality of it is quite jarring and it can send her into a panic. She knows she’s focusing on age too much, but she can’t help it. It feels like life is trying to put her in the category of middle aged, and she can’t cope with it. Yes, it’s nice to be seen as a classy mature woman and entrepreneur, but not when it comes to body and beauty.”

Another issue not helping is the prospect of becoming a grandmother. Her eldest son, Brooklyn, 23, recently admitted he would’ve liked to “have had kids yesterday”, adding that he “always wanted to be a young dad.” And sources say Nicola, 28, and Brooklyn will be focusing on starting a family as soon as possible.

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“It’s on the cards for this year,” says the source. “Of course, Vic would be excited – she’s besotted with babies – but the reality of it is suddenly very daunting. She realises that 50 is a quite a young age to become a grandmother – she knows there are so many powerful women who are grandparents, but it’s a transition into another stage of life.”

And, along with the prospect of having to pick whether she’s a “granny” or a “nana”, it seems Victoria is most worried about the physical and emotional distance between her and her son and daughter-in-law. “It doesn’t help
that there is still so much tension there with Brooklyn and Nicola,” our source says.

“This time last year, she was so excited about her future grandchildren, now it’s a topic that makes her feel quite sad. It feels like time is speeding up and life is rushing by. So, who can blame her for doing everything she can to turn back the clock?”

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