Is Victoria Beckham planning a career in movies?


Victoria Beckham

by Owen Tonks |

It’s safe to say that Spiceworld is one of the best films of ALL TIME, so it’s hardly surprising Victoria Beckham would think about giving a career in movies another go.

Well, that could actually happen if Jennifer Saunders gets her way – she wants the artist formerly known as Posh Spice to appear in the new Absolutely Fabulous film.

Taping is due to begin in October and other stars rumoured to be taking part include Kate Moss, David Gandy and Naomi Campbell.

A source told The Sun: “It’s been a long time coming but everything is now in place to start.

“Locations have been booked in London and the South of France.

“Jennifer is desperate to keep it all under wraps but landing Posh will be a huge coup.”

And that it will! Surely we all remember what a treat it was watching Victoria drive the Spicebus across London in a mad rush to get to the Spice Girls’ gig at the Royal Albert Hall in their film.

Do it, Posh!

GALLERY: Victoria Beckham's changing style


Victoria Beckham's changing style

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Nobody rocks purple this intense as VB

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Victoria gives good "flamenco dancing emoji lady". Way before emojis, obvs

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More red. We don't look this great in red - no fair

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Vicks takes to the stage at at a Victoria Beckham fashion show. No need to look so shy, girl - you look fabulous

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So. Chic.

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Not always so chic, then. We bet Jessica Wright has this photo on her wall as everyday style inspo

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Posh does her best "hungover Kat Slater"

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Victoria walks for Maria Grachvogel. Nope, we can't see Posh Spice anywhere either

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You could catch your death, Victoria

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VB was pretty much an ambassador for the Roland Mouret Galaxy dress

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No Vics, YOU are out of your mind with this get up

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You can take the girl out of Essex...

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Victoria got a lot of flak for her makeup here - but this dress from her own collection is gorgeous

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