How Victoria Beckham made Romeo’s girlfriend her new project

The model becomes another employee for Brand Beckham

Romeo Beckham, Victoria Beckham and Mia Regan

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For any girlfriend, meeting their partner’s mother is an intimidating experience. But when your potential mother-in-law is Victoria Beckham – you’ve really got to step up your game. Luckily for Mia Regan – 18-year-old Romeo’s girlfriend – she seems to be a firm favourite for Victoria, and an insider close to the Beckham matriarch tells heat she is thrilled to have the 17-year-old model as her protégé.

“The joke at home is that Posh is finally getting her girl gang, after years of it being a mostly boys’ household - and she's thrilled,” our source divulges. “She absolutely adores Nicola Peltz – Brooklyn’s wife-to-be - but she has a real soft spot for Mia. She's starting to advise Mia on her career, offering to introduce her to people and taking her out for lunches and dinners. She’s enjoying dressing and styling her too. Mia is really is becoming Vic’s little protégé, something that she always thought would happen with Nicola instead.”

Romeo Beckham and Mia Regan

Posh has often had a penchant for dressing the girlfriends of her sons – Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, and Cruz, 15 – and her Victoria Beckham designs can be seen splashed all over their Instagrams. Most recently, Nicola wore a yellow £725 dress in the pictures announcing her engagement to the eldest Beckham son, and she also modelled a £1450 dress while on holiday in Puglia with the family. But Mia is hot on her heels as the latest model of Vic’s clothes and recently showed off a number of different VB outfits to her 228k Instagram followers.

And it seems 46-year-old Victoria is loving the opportunity to bond with the girls on a professional level as a kind of mentor.

“Nicola is the stunning sophisticated socialite; everyone is a little intimidated by her and Mia says she feels like a country bumpkin next to her. But Posh insists she's every bit as glamorous, and she just can't help herself with getting involved - she's been getting her on board with beauty campaigns and make-up tutorials.”

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Our source tells us Victoria has enjoyed bonding with Mia over her love of fashion – and she particularly likes that Mia is an advocate of sustainable fashion. Mia even recently spoke to Vogue about her burgeoning career – something that screams influential contacts. And while Nicola, 25 – who is also a model – seems to be striking out on her own, Victoria has enjoyed how much Mia looks up to her.

“Nicola is stunning and has the confidence that comes with growing up in a wealthy and well-connected family,” our insider explains. “She’s very much her own woman. To be truthful, Vic can be a little intimidated by her - even though she's an absolute darling and they get on so well. Whereas, Mia is totally star-struck by Victoria and considers her the most famous person she's ever met. She still blushes when she talks to her and is beyond honoured that Victoria would include her in her latest beauty campaign. She really looks up to her, and of course, grew up obsessed with her.”

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But above everything, we’re told Victoria is just so happy that Romeo has found someone special.

“She thinks Romeo and Mia make a great couple and is so thrilled that her boy seems so happy and confident,” we’re told. “It's such a huge relief to her that Romeo is so settled in his life and dedicated to his sports with no real interest in the celebrity world. She knows how young they are, but really believes that Romeo and Mia are very in love, and loves having Mia as part of the family. She's really taken her under her wing.”

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