Victoria Beckham’s stalker hell: the Beckhams left terrified for Harper’s safety

The Beckhams have been targeted by a stalker

Victoria Beckham

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It’s been just a couple of months since a masked burglar broke into the Beckhams’ London house while David, Victoria, and Harper were in another room, unaware. And now the family are having to revisit another terrifying incident after a court case last week revealed that a woman – who has allegedly been contacting the family since 2016 – was accused of turning up at Harper’s school, pretending to be another pupil’s mum.

The court heard last week that as well as Harper’s school, the 58-year-old woman had also allegedly turned up at the Beckhams’ home in London, and sent a series of letters to both their London and Cotswolds’ houses. She has claimed that she had a relationship with David, 47; that her eggs had been stolen by Victoria; and that ten-year-old Harper is actually her child. The prosecutor spoke on behalf of David, explaining, “He felt frightened for the safety of his family, and he believed this behaviour was targeted and intimidating,” adding, “He says he does not know the defendant and she is not the mother of his children.”

While the defendant has now been sectioned – as well as being given an interim stalking order until the trial in July – a source close to 48-year-old Victoria tells us these recent incidents have left her terrified for the safety of her kids.

“The break-in back in February left her shaken and now, combined with the upcoming court case on the stalker, she’s living in fear that Harper and the rest of the kids are becoming very real targets,” our insider says of the mum of four.

“She freaked out when David recently posted a video with Harper on her way to school to his social media, as she fears it broadcasts to the world where she is – and makes it easy for criminals to target them.”

David recently shared a video to his Instagram – which has over 73m followers – that showed him walking Harper to school through a park, asking her what her day consisted of. With her uniform and schoolbag visible, Harper replied, “Maths, English, history, geography and French.”

We’re told that David has reassured his wife he would never put Harper in danger. “While David thinks Vic is overreacting, he does understand her point. He just gets caught up in the moment and was having such a laugh walking to school with Harper. David has always been very hands-on with her – when she was small, they’d walk around the local park and he would be in the playground like any normal dad. He’d take her to Westfield shopping centre, too. It’s always been important to him that he can just hang out with his kids without security there, as he felt it wouldn’t allow the kids to develop proper bonds with him.”

Victoria has also always been keen to give the kids – Brooklyn, 23, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and Harper – as “normal” a life as they can, but now we’re told she’s anxious that’s not possible.

“Victoria is really panicking. She has always been incredibly protective of the kids, especially when they were younger, and she has feared they could be targets for a kidnapping plot,” our insider explains. “In the US and in the Cotswolds, they’re behind gates, but in London, they live freer – and it worked because the boys were older and knew the dangers to look out for. Harper was always protected as a little girl, but now that she’s growing up, it’s a different scenario as she starts to do more things with friends – after- school activities and just venturing into the world on her own. They can’t keep her as protected as they have done, and now, with the break-in as well, they’re feeling really vulnerable.”

While Brooklyn is now living in the US with wife Nicola Peltz, Romeo is based in Miami, and Cruz often out with his friends, our insider says Posh is anxious about keeping tabs on them constantly.

“She has trackers on all their phones, and they know to check in with her all the time. The boys know how to handle themselves well and they’ve learnt a lot from the security teams they’ve had over the years, but Harper is still young and very vulnerable.”

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The source continues, “The Beckham family do have to live with the fear of knowing they are probably being cased by criminal gangs – they have to take security very seriously. They’ve stepped up things at the house and they’re taking extra precautions. Victoria has been having nightmares that something could happen as she and Harper leave the house. She’s really jumpy because she knows how much information is out in public – where they live and when they travel, too. She wishes they had the safety of gates, as they do in the Cotswolds and Miami. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they started looking for a more secure London home.”

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