Inside Victoria and David Beckham’s new rivalry

Posh is ready to outshine her perfect husband

David and Victoria Beckham

by Kate Randall |
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She famously said, “David’s the good-looking one and I’m the funny one,” but it seems Victoria Beckham has finally tired of having such a handsome husband. While the fashion designer normally gushes about David on her social media, in recent weeks, she’s been taking a few sarcastic digs at him – and our source says this is all because she thinks he’s vain.

“Vic cannot believe how much of a diva David can be, which is why she pokes fun at him on social media, to bring him down a peg or two,” heat’s insider reveals. “They’ve always been competitive when it comes to their appearance, as David has a very adventurous sense of style. But Vic quite often feels overshadowed by him and, while most women dream of being married to David Beckham, it can be really hard at times, living with Mr Perfect. So, she loves to tease him in public.

“It bugs her that David seems to spend more time and money on his face than she does her on own! Victoria is looking amazing right now, and she rightly wants to have a bit of the attention focused on her when they’re next pictured together.”

In recent weeks, Posh – who has four children, Brooklyn, 21, Romeo, 18, Cruz, 15, and nine-year-old Harper with David – has mocked her husband on her Instagram page several times. One post led David to say he would take “revenge”, after Victoria put up a picture of them on Remembrance Sunday and trolled him about the oversized boots he was wearing. “Gaston wants his boots back @davidbeckham,” she teased in the caption. David, 45, responded immediately, posting a similar split shot and writing, “So my wife decided to post before asking me or cropping my last-minute shoe option. Revenge will be sweet @victoriabeckham.”

She then joked about his very white teeth as she showed off a personalised advent calendar from a fan, which featured a picture of the whole family. She told her followers, “So today I received this incredible advent calendar that was sent to me... How amazing are David’s teeth?” Before adding, “Is @davidbeckham wearing these teeth in for someone else?”

Vic, 46, also poked fun at her husband’s “Mr Perfect” image after he had made a pie, asking, “Is there nothing he can’t do?” She then posted a pic of him doing a showy headstand during a workout together. And we’re told this is all part of their lighthearted game over who looks the best.

“Recently they have been trying to compete over who looks better for their age,” says our insider.

“They’re constantly trying different skincare routines and treatments, which they don’t share with one another. Vic has found David rifling through her beauty products on more than one occasion. Part of her wishes that David would just grow old gracefully, but she knows that’s rich coming from her as she’s trying to do the same. She gets that he’s a handsome guy who’s growing older, and he wants to keep looking good.

The source adds, “Deep down, Victoria knows that it would make her feel more secure if they both gave up trying to stay so young and perfect, but she knows that won’t happen.”

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