VIDEO: Check out Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing in the CHEESIEST ADVERT OF ALL TIME


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by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Please excuse us if this story inadvertently ends before it should; only we’re curling up and dying QUITE A LOT RIGHT NOW.

Jamie Laing off Made In Chelsea has taken a break from his hectic life of getting drunk with Spencer Matthews and eating loads of sweets to star in the new Volvic adverts.

Now, the MIC gang have a history of starring in dodgy adverts. There was Gabriella Ellis in the spot cream ads (oh dear), Lucy Watson advertising make up or something, and Louise Thompson flashing her knashers for some kind of teeth product, we think.

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    Seriously, that lot get about, don’t they?

    BUT THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE. Or the Candy Kittens cake-flavoured bon-bons, whatever.

    Watch Jamie dance around with a fruit drink like a really, really posh person, after he pretends to get the tube home from work (since when does that happen?).

    And the video is almost two minutes long, too, so your “cringe “ muscles (they’re right above your stomach, because we said so) will get a good workout.

    Now please excuse heat, as we’re going back to watch the video again though. We are such gluttons for punishment, and it’s really quite addictive.

    Told you this lot like to earn a little extra pocket money


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