Viewers BLAST Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson as a CBB showmance


Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor

by Polly Foreman |
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We love Celebrity Big Brother, but we have to admit it's getting a bit f*cking predictable. Put in two young, good-looking, single housemates who run in similar circles, and you're pretty much guaranteed they'll get in on.

In the case of Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor, this happened within about eight minutes. In last night's show, they were seen scampering off to the store room for some confined space lip lockin'.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
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Don't get us wrong, we find cross-reality show romances very exciting, but where's the element of surprise? Why couldn't Marnie have got with Christopher Biggins? Or Lewis with Heavy D? Actually maybe not, as those two are kinda turning out to be dicks

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And it transpires Twitter was also distinctly unsurprised and unimpressed by the blossoming romance, with many branding it a showmance.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
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Tweets like: "Lewis and Marnie was obvious. Showmance… #cbb" and "Lewis and Marnie is a showmance if ever I've seen one. #cbb" started to surface.

Many viewers did some sneaky detective work and found out that they have the same management. Suspicious…

Some were pretty angry about it:

One expressed hope that our favourite unexpected showmance would still manage to blossom:

They've been in the house less than a week, but the housemates have already managed to piss a lot of people off. Also in last night's episode, Biggins and Renee Graziano were accused by some Twitter users of being biphobic after saying that they didn't believe in bisexuality and saying it's the "worst".

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