A beauty Vlogger just applied her foundation with a TAMPON and we need to sit down for a bit.

We're confused. Period.

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by Aimee Jakes |
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Putting on your foundation is an art. Some swear by a high-quality primer, some will only leave the house with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation buffered into their (minimised) pores and others champion the magic squirt of hairspray post make-up.

Some people opt for a foundation brush, others swear by the YouTube cult classic beauty blender. Some prefer to use tampons.

'Er, sorry heatworld, you've lost me.'

'It took us 25 minutes and a cheese bagel to process the information ourselves.'



(Repeat latter x10)

Los Angeles beauty blogger Ashley Blue DeFrancesco seemingly misplaced her beauty blender one day and opted for a tampon in this hilarious video.

COTTON WOOL THOUGH jksdklessdskwax.

Wouldn’t the cotton just soak up all the product? Beauty is spenny business as it is.

This comes very close to the Condom saga, where a beauty vlogger used a beauty blender inside a real-life condom (with the lubricant washed off, pets) promising for an 'airbrushed finish.'

With a quick attempt in the name of journalism, we can confirm that condom-covered beauty blenders do make your foundation application look hella seamless... kudos to anyone who will go through all that faff for the perfect base. You are not even human.

In the quest for the perfect base and to break the internet, what will be the next thing to apply your foundation with? A period pad? Your boyfriends boxers? Your ex's lengthy love letters before he snogged your 'mate'?

It doesn't even bear thinking about.

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