The Voice’s Rita Ora: “The contestants HAVE to pick me because I’m going to be really upset!”

Rita Ora wants The Voice contestants to pick her


by Selina Maycock |
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Rita Ora will be in the hot seat this weekend as she makes her debut as a judge on BBC’s The Voice.

But speaking to heat, she tells us how her excitement over the show – plus being so near that big red button – made her “trigger happy” and also caused her some upset.

Speaking at the press launch, she told us: “I was excited at the beginning, then I started to realise, like, ‘holy st there are so many talents’ and I need to stop getting so trigger happy – I kept pushing my button because I was so excited, I just wanted to see what people looked like. And then when I turned around I was like, ‘oh st, now they have to pick me because I’m going to be really upset’ and I was in the beginning, and then I realised there are lots of people to see.”

She says she had to step up her game when pitching against the other judges for acts to pick her, and as we report in this week’s heat mag, this series will see Rita fall off her chair flirting.

So what does she have to say about THAT?

“I’m a little goofball deep down, I really am, and I always have been. It’s always been my thing to make people feel like, get out of their shyness sometimes. I like to make people feel comfortable.” Hmm. Maybe falling off her chair was her way of offering all those weary singers a chance to sit down on her comfy seat?

Tune into BBC1 on Saturday at 7pm to see whether the contestants feel comfortable or awkward with Rita’s flirting and see who they pick… is it team Rita Ora, Ricky Wilson, Tom Jones or

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