Walkers is about to get rid one of their most iconic crisp flavours


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by Ellie Smith |
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STOP THE PRESS! You may soon be forced to wave a tearful goodbye to one of your favourite flavours of Walkers crisp, as Salt and Vinegar, Smoky Bacon and Prawn Cocktail are in danger.

How on earth can this be happening, you ask? Well, Walkers are putting the fate of the classic flavours into the hands of their crisp-loving fans in a new campaign, which invites us to vote between core UK flavours and new flavours from around the world.

The battles are as follows: Salt & Vinegar vs. Lime & Black Pepper (Australia), Prawn Cocktail vs Paprika (Spain) and Smoky Bacon vs Bacon & Cheddar (USA).

walkers crisp flavour
walkers crisp flavour
walkers crisp flavour

And this isn’t just an idle popularity contest: Walkers are ACTUALLY threatening to get rid of the classics if they’re beaten by shiny new flavours.

So, if you feel passionately about your crisps (which, obviously you should), then get voting - you have from 14 August to 22 October to have your say on this very important matter.

Just head to the Walkers Facebook or Twitter page and make your vote count with the hashtag #ChooseOrLose. Alternatively, you can buy one of the foreign limited edition packs from 7 August – but remember, each purchase counts as a vote, so do so with care: there’s a lot at stake!


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