Who wants to learn how to YAWN? Gwyneth Paltrow can teach you how…YES, really.

Bet you thought yawning was easy? Think again.


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Seriously, we are being totally serious. There are many reasons we love Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop, but here is our top reason so far, How To Optimise Your Yawn, by Gwyneth Paltrow.

This is still not a joke, we promise.

Gwyn, who owns the lifestyle website shared a very important lifestyle tip to her readers this week - OMG we just actually yawned (honestly).

The actress explained, while having dinner with Michael Lear a "wonderful yogi and important quarterback for mindfulness and meditation" she was taught how to yawn.

(Seriously we just yawned again)

While Michael asks her to yawn again, after surpressing one the first time - Gwyn learned all about the importance of really "leaning in" to the yawn.

“There’s a perception that it’s rude or that it means that you’re bored, but the reality is that it’s a very important mechanism for releasing stress," Michael explained to Gwyn.

"It feels good for a reason: Trust that your body knows how to calibrate itself.”

Gwyn then shared two types of yawns (see below) and before you think 'tearing' during/after a yawn is optimising your yawn, it's not.

How to yawn - by Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyn's post continues: "Explore these exercises throughout the day, especially before bed, to release accumulated energy and tension that may result from conversation and or the vicissitudes of the day.

"Note: Tearing is not necessary for this exercise to be beneficial."

And there you go, you now have the freedom to yawn in front of anyone/anywhere. But maybe before you go yawning at the sight of your boss or teacher, show them this post from Gwyneth's website first.

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