Who wants to see Olly Murs naked but for a small pineapple covering his modesty?


Olly Murs

by Polly Foreman |
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The eagle-eyed among you have spotted that that we at heat are pretty partial to the peen. So partial, in fact, that we've brought you Alex Bowen's (ENORMOUS peen), Lewis Bloor's (ENORMOUS AND HAIRLESS peen), Gary Beadle's (ENORMOUS parsnip), and many, many more.

We thought we brought you Justin Bieber's one time, but it turned out it wasn't his.

That was a sad day.

And now Olly Murs has joined the peen list – he's covering it with a pineapple, but we're gonna let him off that as he's TOTALLY starkers.

Olly Murs

We aren't fully aware of the context behind the pic (does he really need one?), but it looks like he announced he was a naturist on ITV's Lorraine.

When a journalist from the show tweeted him reiterating his words, he replied: @danwooton I actually think I am" with a shit load of pineapple emojis.


You may have noticed a slight Olly-shaped hole in your Saturday schedules now he's no longer presenting The X Factor (though no-one can beat Dermot O'Leary, lets be real).

And he recently threw a giant helping of shade the show's way, criticising its change of format.

Olly Murs

"When I did the show back in 2009 we had huge viewing figures, the final was like 20 million and it was the biggest show, bigger than Strictly Come Dancing. Everybody loved it, people would have X Factor nights and barbecues, fancy dress parties, it was such an event. It's changed now, people have more and more choice and Strictly battles it every week."

"Over the years so much has gone on with the show that more and more people want to say negative things about it. It shouldn't be about the judges or the presenters, it should be about finding talent," he continued in an interview with HMV.com.


Or perhaps some pineapple on pricks?

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