Watch out Benidorm: Sam Smith and his dad are coming to party!

Sam’s dad is having his stag do in the Spanish resort…


by Ellie Henman |
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Fry ups, VK cocktails and some Spanish sunshine, what more do you need on your stag do, eh? And it seems this is right up Sam Smith’s street because he’s said to be heading to Benidorm for his dad Fred’s stag do. Oh how we’d love to be a fly on the wall at their resort.

“Fred and his mates aren’t used to the locations Sam now goes to, they like down-to-earth places, nothing fancy,” an insider told the Sun. “Benidorm probably wouldn’t be Sam’s ideal holiday destination but there’s no way he’s going to miss it.”

Fred is set to tie the knot the later this year and Grammy award winning Sam is said to be really excited to be able to celebrate with his dad. But there is one small problem. Sam is a superstar and it’s doubtful he’ll be able to slip under the radar.

And no one wants to spend a stag do having to stop for selfies every five seconds.

“Things are different for the family now that Sam is a huge star,” the source added. “Even though they know he’s not snobby or above himself when it comes to going out, Fred understands they have to factor in having someone mega famous on the stag.

“They don’t want security following them around on their pub crawls, so Fred has checked if Benidorm is a viable — and safe — place to take him.”

We’re sure it will be. Worse comes to worst, just pop a wig and beard on him and hey presto – he’s John from Bolton.


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