Watch Cara Delevingne push a photographer out of her way: “I have a right to move you”

Paps – we’d stay out of Cara’s way if we were you

Cara Delevingne

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

Cara Delevingne is NOT a girl to mess with.

And she proved this recently by giving a Parisian pap a shove when he got in her way.

The model was heading into a restaurant in Paris with her friend Kendall Jenner and girlfriend St Vincent when they were met by a big ol’ group of photographers.

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    When one of them got on the wrong side of her, Cara gave him a playful shove. She then ran off giggling: “I pushed him.”

    The 23 year old later took to Twitter to comment on the incident, saying: "Dear paps, if you are in my way, I have a right to move you."

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