Watch Ed Sheeran talk about his NEW record label Gingerbread Man Records!

LOVE the name, Ed.

Ed Sheeran new record label

by Maria Vallahis |

The wonderful Ed Sheeran has started his own record label, which is awesome news in itself.

What's more exciting is the name - The all-new label is called Gingerbread Man Records and is a subsidiary of Warner Music UK LTD.

Speaking on his new venture, Ed said: “I’m extremely excited to be starting-up my own label. It’s something I’ve been planning for some time. I’ve always loved endorsing acts from the very beginning and I get to work with artists I truly believe in.

"My first signing is Jamie Lawson - he’s an incredible talent, who I’ve known for a couple of years, and we’ve actually been on tour this year across Australia and the UK/Europe. Jamie’s self-titled album is coming on October 9 and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”


Ed shared his first YouTube video on the record label's channel for his first ever record label.

"I'm going to be posting all the videos of all the artists I'm going to sign. I hope you'll like all of them. I will love all of them, obviously," continued Ed.

And considering Ed became last year's fastest-selling male artist, with his second studio album *X *selling over nine million copies worldwide, it's only fair he start his own record label and impart his wisdom onto others. Well done, Ed.

Aside from all number one hits and glorious touring, the four-time BRIT Award winner has kept himself very busy.

He's also starring in an episode of Home And Away. YES, this is also true.

And we now know the reason behind his trip to lovely Summer Bay. The Blood Stream star comes to visit his childhood nanny, Matrilyn Chambers.

Ed will turn up looking for Marilyn – played by Emily Symmons – but in a pretty funny twist, she will have no idea of his superstar status – still referring to him as "Little Teddy".

Congrats on life, Mr Sheeran. You're winning in every respect.

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