Let’s all take a moment to relive that time Rita Ora auditioned for the Eurovision song contest


Rita Ora auditions for Eurovision

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Were you aware that Rita Ora once auditioned for the actual Eurovision song contest? Well you are now. Footage has emerged of a young Rita singing to be the UK’s entry in 2009, and we're obsessed.

Rita belted out a cover of Get Here by Oleta Adams on Your Country Needs You, a TV show aimed at finding someone to do it for Britain.

And they did! “Rita from London,” as she’s known on the show, was offered the gig.

BUT – she turned it down.

Why? We may never know. But we think she made a huge mistake.

The UK entrant that year was instead Jade McEwan with It’s My Time.


Sadly, it wasn’t.

Here's Rita's audition:

WHILE YOU'RE HERE, why not take a look at what all the UK entrants of Eurovision are up to now in the gallery below? You know you've been wondering...


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UK Eurovision contestants1 of 15
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2003: Jemini - 'Cry Baby'

Liverpudlian duo Gemma Abbey and Chris Comby, aka Jemini, received NUL POINTS in Latvia back in 2003. Since then, Gemma's been convicted for benefits fraud after claiming £52,000 in tax credits as a single mother whilst marries and Chris works in a clothes shop.

UK Eurovision contestants2 of 15
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2004: James Fox - 'Hold On to Our Love'

Fame Academy alumni James came 16th in 2004 and went on to release the official FA Cup single for Cardiff FC before playing Paul McCartney in The Beatles' West End musical Let It Be.

UK Eurovision contestants3 of 15
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2005: Javine - 'Touch My Fire'

Javine Hylton just missed out on a place in Girls Aloud in 2002; but represented the UK in Eurovision two years later with Touch My Fire. She came 22nd, but redeemed herself as runner-up on Celebrity Come Dine with Me in 2010. Well done, hun.

UK Eurovision contestants4 of 15
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2006: Daz Sampson - 'Teenage Life'

Remember Daz? He scored 25 points but still managed to chart at number 8 in the UK with Teenage Life. Since competing in 2006 he's become a football manager.

UK Eurovision contestants5 of 15
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2007: Scooch - Flying the Flag (For You)'

Scooch's innuendo-laced track (one lyric was genuinely 'would you like something to suck on for landing, sir?') was branded 'absolute shit' by Charlotte Church. CHARMING. The band continue to play Pride festivals and members Caroline and Russ are now an item.

UK Eurovision contestants6 of 15
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2008: Andy Abraham - 'Even If'

You'll probably recognise Andy from The X Factor 2005. He came joint last in Belgrade in 2008, but didn't let that deter him and still performs to this day.

UK Eurovision contestants7 of 15
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2009: Jade Ewen - 'It's My Time'

Jade Ewen actually did alright, you know? It's My Time came fifth in 2009. She then joined Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah in Sugababes and now plays Princess Jasmine in the West End production of Aladdin.

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2010: Josh Dubovie - 'That Sounds Good to Me'

Josh now goes by the stage name Josh James after That Sounds Good to Me finished last with just 10 points. People just don't know talent when they hear it, tbh.

UK Eurovision contestants9 of 15
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2011: Blue - 'I Can'

We had such high hopes for Blue as they hit Düsseldorf in 2011, but they boys blamed political voting for their disappointing tenth place position. Duncan, Simon, Anthony and Lee were then dropped from their record label after 2015's Colours album sold less than 4000 copies in its first week. Awks.

UK Eurovision contestants10 of 15
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2012: Engelbert Humperdinck - 'Love Will Set You Free'

Actual, real life Engelbert Humperdinck came second to last for the UK in 2012. It was a difficult time for all involved; but he's obviously still doing the whole music thing well into his seventies.

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2013: Bonnie Tyler - 'Believe in Me'

We totally forgot Bonnie had placed 19th with Believe in Me back in 2013. Madness.

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2014: Molly Smitten-Downes - 'Children of the Universe'

Molly was one of the favourites to win with a song intended to 'break down political boundaries' in 2014; but unfortunately she only managed a measly 40 points. She's still making music, though; most recently appearing on a track with German DJ Zwette.

UK Eurovision contestants13 of 15
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2015: Electro Velvet - 'Still in Love with You'

Remember The X Factor and The Voice rejects Electro Velvet? Nah, us neither. In case you're wondering, they came 24th in Vienna in 2015 before releasing a cover of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas in 2016.

UK Eurovision contestants14 of 15
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2016: Joe and Jake - 'You're Not Alone'

Joe and Jack's follow-up track, Tongue Tied, failed to chart. Shame, really.

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2017: Lucie Jones - 'Never Give Up on You'

The X Factor's Lucie Jones finished fifteenth last year, and has since returned to the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde The Musical.

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