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Can’t everybody just get along?

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Holy guacamole! Geordie Shore kick-offs are ten a penny but generally the only thing to come off badly is a clothes horse that’s knocked to the ground, or an innocent sharing bag of crisps that’s brutually swept off a table.

Occasionally Gary Beadle has to get between two people who are squaring up to each other as Gary is, of late, a hero of pacifism (and one of the longest serving on the show – the two could be linked).

But it’s very rare that the fourth wall comes down and we see actual security guards intervene in a fight in the Geordie Shore house.

But this is what happens in next week’s episode, during a row between Kyle Christie and Marnie Simpson.


Errr, pick on someone your own size please Kyle. There are enough of them in the Geordie Shore house.

The kick off comes after Kyle breaks Holly Hagan’s heart by breaking up with her.

We have mixed feelings about the break up, by the way. On the one hand they ARE unhappy. On the other, we hate to see our Hols in bits.

The house go out clubbing afterwards and Marnie, who seems to have forgotten her trousers, catches Kyle necking on with a girl.

Where are Marnie's trousers? It's a mystery.

Of course, she decides she has to tell Holly, who’d left the club, heartbroken, for an early night, poor lamb.

“I’ve gone for five minutes out of that club and Kyle is already kissing a girl. “

"What the f*ck was our relationship? It was totally pointless,”

Holly says on hearing the news.

Well, apart from all that sweet, sweet airtime, eh chaps?

Marnie decides to leap to Holly’s defense, and calls her former BFF Kyle “a f*cking scumbug.”

And, of course, a massive fight breaks out started, physically, by Kyle throwing something at Marnie.

Security enters, stage left

Kyle is made to stand in the naughty corner with his hands above his head by one beefcake guard and Marnie, literally kicking and screaming, is escorted to the girls’ bedroom by another.

“There will never, ever, be a me and you ever again,” Holly tells Kyle when everything calms down.

Sadly, we know that’s not true.

Watch the video below but BE WARNED, it contains very strong language.

Geordie Shore 11 | Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Holly's Big Shore Down

Geordie Shore 11 | Episode 4 Sneak Peek: Holly's Big Shore Down

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Geordie Shore continues on Tuesday 10 November at 10pm on MTV.

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