Watch: Taylor Swift panic as fire alarm goes off at her concert

At this point, Taylor's only wearing a robe.

Taylor Swift

by Maria Vallahis |
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Clearly if a fire alarm is going off popstars don't need to vacate the premises. Well, at least Taylor Swift doesn't have to.

The *Bad Blood *performer posted a video, last night, telling her 45 million Instagram followers that a fire alarm was going off in the stadium where she was performing and that "they didn't know what to do."

We'll tell you what to do - GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE.

"A fire alarm is going off in the stadium and we don't know what to do," Taylor captioned her Insta-vid.

More news!

    But instead of safely exiting the building, Tay-Tay and her entourage stayed put, while the singer took a video.

    Seeming quite "dazed" about the situation, a member of her staff was requesting she "put some clothes on".

    After the third attempt to get Taylor dressed, the blonde beauty snapped back with: "I have clothes on. I have a robe on, this is clothes, I'm covered."

    And while all this is happening, in the background a man can be heard saying: "All occupants walk to the nearest stairway..." - YES. To UN-OCCUPY the building.

    However all seemed well as Tay-Tay then posted a another video not long after of herself and rapper Wiz Khalifa performing on stage.

    "And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again...," Taylor posted alongside her concert snippet. Obvs she was quoting song lyrics and we don't think we'll ever hear the full story of the "fire alarm incident".

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