Watching Love Island and Big Brother is a sign of intelligence, science says!

We must be absolute brain-boxes, then

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by Ruby Norris |
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Here at heat we make absolutely no secret of the fact we're BIG reality TV fans. Like, HUGE.

And sometimes we have to remind ourselves that not everyone cares as much as we do about the latest celeb romance, TOWIE scandal or who's coupled up with who on Love Island.

We're very aware that some people would go so far as to say it's trashy TV, and that anyone with any intelligence would steer clear. Rude, right?

Love Island Caroline Flack

Well the jokes on them now because, apparently, it's been revealed it's the most intelligent people amongst us who enjoy the 'dumbest' TV shows and films.

Yep. You read that right. You're a certified genius, no biggie.

According to a study carried out by the Poetics Journal, those of us who enjoy sitting back and watching other people flirt up a storm on shows like Love Island and Big Brother, or spending the whole day binge-watching trashy chick-flicks are pretty much intellectually superior. Just sayin'.

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The study explains: “The data reveal that trash films are, indeed, identified as ‘cheap’ and hence as a variety of low-budget films.

“At the same time, viewers attribute to trash films not just amusing/entertaining qualities, but also a positive, transgressive deviance from the cinematic mainstream, and their appreciation of these films is coupled with marked preferences for art cinema.”

This basically means that we're so super smart we see the bigger picture when we're ogling people try and subtly have sex in a room full of strangers on telly.

See, clever eh?


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