Wayne Bridge reveals the difficulties of a relationship in the public eye

Star spoke on I'm A Celeb about love in the spotlight

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by Stevie Martin |
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We love Wayne and Frankie Bridge, but it seems like they've had a bit of a time dealing with the paps in the early stages of their relationship.

Speaking on I'm A Celeb, retired footballer Wayne admitted that it's sometimes been tough - especially on Frankie.

"We were in Manchester on only the second or third time we’d seen each other and we popped out to Blockbuster and as we left the shop the paps were in the car park.

"Some of the stuff she’s gone through press wise she’d end up reading it all and it would end up affecting her, that’s what upsets me more than anything...

"I have had so many things that I could say that I never thought at the time it was right so now I never say anything.

"I am just one of those people that kept myself to myself, I just wanted to play football and that’s all I ever wanted."

Aw. On the plus side though, after two kids, they seem to be going strong, with Frankie recently joking on Lorraine that she was going to buy Wayne a pet goat for Christmas after he commented they were having less sex after having kids.

"I was willing him to be quiet," she said. "I was sat with my mum and was like 'stop'"

She also added that she's glad he's popular on the show, because finally now we can all see what she sees: "People who think they know me, I think it's weird they think I'd marry a horrible footballer.

"It's quite nice for me to go ok, look, this is who I married, I love him and now everyone else loves him."

We are dying of cuteness here.

She added that sometimes watching the show can be hard, especially when Wayne breaks down having to do stuff he's terrified of: 'He's made a good impression on everyone,' she said. "It's bittersweet watching the show. I want him to stay in, but now I'm here I feel homesick.

"It's something completely out of Wayne's confront zone. To see him crying was just horrible, I did have a good cry, I think lots of us did.

"My eldest is watching it and now when the music comes on he goes 'my daddy, my daddy'."


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