Marriage rehab for Wayne and Coleen

They're getting all the help they can to become a solid unit

Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney

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She’s been fighting a battle on two fronts – preparing herself for her long-awaited court showdown with WAG nemesis Rebekah Vardy, while going through an endless cycle of up-and-downs with husband Wayne Rooney.

But according to insiders, Coleen Rooney is desperate to at least get her home life settled, so she can prepare for the bigger fight ahead…and that means calling in the experts. Apparently, the 34 year old is keen for her and Wayne to attend couples’ counselling sessions ahead of her big trial, to ensure they’re a solid unit in the face of whatever gets thrown their way.

After all, as heat’s previously told you, Becky’s lawyers are looking for any chinks in her opponent’s armour – and sadly for Coleen, that means her sometimes-strained marriage.

“Becky’s legal team are going to drag up some sordid parts of Wayne’s past in the legal case, and everyone is worried how Coleen will react,” says an insider close to the Rooneys, who have been at loggerheads during the past year over Coleen’s determination to see this trial through. “She hasn’t exactly got the toughest skin, especially when it comes to her private life, so a friend has suggested they do some couples’ counselling to make them stronger. Coleen thinks it’s a great idea – that way, they’ll be on the same page about everything.”

Becky is currently suing Col for defamation, after the mum-of-four accused “Rebekah Vardy’s account” of leaking stories of her to the press. But while Coleen has stood unflinchingly by her accusations and refused to pay Becky off, Wayne’s keener for them to cut their losses and offer a settlement…especially since he knows he’s made some mistakes in the past that could very easily come out in court. And with the trial looming – it’s believed to be happening later this month – the pressure’s on.

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Teenage fame, cheating claims and babies: Coleen and Wayne Rooney's relationship in pictures

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As heat’s told you, the footballer’s past transgressions include cheating on Coleen with prostitutes when she was pregnant with their eldest son Kai, 10 (they’re also parents to Klay, seven, Kit, four, and Cass, two) and being arrested for drunken behaviour. He’s also been pictured out drinking with different women and was arrested in 2017 after taking home party girl Laura Simpson after a night out.

But while Coleen has always been protective of her privacy, she’s fully prepared to see Wayne’s mistakes dredged up in court…especially since her legal team lodged an almighty defence last month, which claimed that Becky was desperate to be famous and brought up the kiss-and-tell she did on Peter Andre in 2001. It’s only inevitable that Becky will bite back – and now, Coleen believes the only thing she and Wayne can do is prepare for the storm.

“Coleen wants them to address all the skeletons in their closet so they can be defiant in court and not let Becky’s tricks phase them,” says our source. “She wants them to give up all their ghosts so that nothing will come back to haunt them.

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They both hate talking about this stuff, but she fears there could be some big surprises in store for both of them and she doesn’t want them to look stupid when it comes to their big day in court. In the past, she’s weathered relationship problems on her own or with friends and family, but they’re now encouraging her to get professional help to ensure she’s feeling securer than ever in the marriage. She wants them to be holding hands with their heads held high and prepared for anything.”

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