Your Weird Crush 2013 winners!

You voted in your thousands – and now we can at last reveal the Top 30 most unconventionally attractive men in the world! They may not be ripped, they may not be pretty but by jingo you fancy them anyway. Because sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, baby…


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Weird Crush winners 2013

30. Aled Jones1 of 30

30. Aled Jones

He brings us the news from his comfy sofa every morning and he sang Walking In The Air!

29. Lord Coe2 of 30

29. Lord Coe

Behold the colossus who straddled Mount Olympics: let’s not forget his lordship also has two gold medals of his own.

27. Boris Johnson3 of 30

27. Boris Johnson

It seems that bumbling and power make for a winning combination. Though this probably wasn’t the vote he wanted to win most.

28. Jonathan Ross4 of 30

28. Jonathan Ross

Switching from BBC to ITV hasn’t diminished his cheekiness one little bit. May he never grow up.

26. Tony Gardner5 of 30

26. Tony Gardner

Fresh Meat’s Professor Shales won the heart of impressionable student Oregon until she realised how feeble he was. But feeble in a cute way. Tony’s a real, qualified doctor in real life, by the way.

25. Nick Knowles6 of 30

25. Nick Knowles

Nicholas Simon Augustine Knowles (really) is exactly the bloke you want to be going out with when the shelves fall down. Good in a DIY crisis.

24. Dara O'Briain7 of 30

24. Dara O'Briain

A great, big cuddly giant of a man, with a brain almost as big as his famously oversized head. Extremely funny as well as being very, very good at hard sums.

23. Hugh Bonneville8 of 30

23. Hugh Bonneville

He’s equally at home playing Mr Stink as he is as the 7th Earl of Grantham, and we’ve loved him since he didn’t recognise Julia Roberts at the dinner party in Notting Hill.

22. Rufus Hound9 of 30

22. Rufus Hound

It takes a man with great strength of character to stand up to Keith Lemon (on Celebrity Juice). Not that he does any more – he left.

21. Simon Cowell10 of 30

21. Simon Cowell

Go on Simon, tell us how bad at singing we are. There’s something ever so slightly Fifty Shades about our love for Simon…

20. Michel Roux Jr11 of 30

20. Michel Roux Jr

He’s French and he could cook us breakfast in bed. Sold.

19. Karl Pilkington12 of 30

19. Karl Pilkington

Television’s mardiest travel presenter showed this year in Derek that he’s a great actor too. Cheer up, Karl!

18. Jake Wood13 of 30

18. Jake Wood

“Everybody loves a bit of Jake,” Max told heat with a leer at the National TV Awards this year. Indeed they do."

17. Michael McIntyre14 of 30

17. Michael McIntyre

The floppy fringe, the boyish demeanour – he’d be brilliant at cheering you up.

16. David Mitchell15 of 30

16. David Mitchell

It took us a while to tell the difference between David and his Peep Show character, but it probably takes him a while too.

15_JAMES_MARTIN16 of 30


14. John Bishop17 of 30

14. John Bishop

There’s just something about him that makes him look like he was in a Madchester band in the 90s. Even though he’s from Liverpool.

13. Gareth Malone18 of 30

13. Gareth Malone

Even though the choirmaster is married with a baby daughter, people still think he’s gay. Maybe it’s a cunning ruse to appeal to women. Pretty odd if it was though.

12. Paul Hollywood19 of 30

12. Paul Hollywood

They call him The Silverback: he’s the first master-baker gorilla with blue steel.

11. Derren Brown20 of 30

11. Derren Brown

Do you fancy him? Or has he just made you think you do? Did you even really vote for him? We may never know.

10. Ed Sheeran21 of 30

10. Ed Sheeran

Amazing to think someone so young was in the A-Team. What’s that? He sang The A Team? Oh well.

9. Alan Rickman22 of 30

9. Alan Rickman

Just imagine the former Professor Snape lying beside you and murmuring in your ear. Terrifying? Then maybe he’s not for you.

8. Alexander Armstrong23 of 30

8. Alexander Armstrong

Daytime quiz show Pointless has two hosts. They’re both on this list. What is it about obscure knowledge that does it for us all?

7. Adam Richman24 of 30

7. Adam Richman

We could watch the Man Vs Food presenter eating massive platefuls of food all day. Matching him fork for fork.

6. Francis Boulle25 of 30

6. Francis Boulle

He’s part-Cherokee, you know. Also, he sells diamonds. Diamonds.

5. Matt Smith26 of 30

5. Matt Smith

Just think – he could whisk you off to Jupiter for Valentine’s Day. If he had a real Tardis, which he doesn’t, because he’s an actor.

4. Benedict Cumberbatch27 of 30

4. Benedict Cumberbatch

Look closely at that face. Go on – peer in there. Now can you tell us with absolute confidence that he isn’t part lion?

3. Richard Osman28 of 30

3. Richard Osman

Five places above his Pointless colleague Alexander Armstrong, the 6ft 7in trivia master (and former Weird Crush winner) is properly one of the wittiest men on telly.

2. Jon Richardson29 of 30

2. Jon Richardson

He knows what eight out of ten cats think about everything, and that’s not a skill to be sniffed at. Also, used to share a flat with the Weird Crush winner…

1. Russell Howard30 of 30

1. Russell Howard

Here he is! He’s been climbing the ranks of the Weird Crush for a few years now, and at last he’s finally peaked. There’s nowhere higher to go, Russell. You’ve made it.

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