Where on EARTH is Kylie Jenner? An in-depth investigation


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Whether you’re an avid Kardashian fan or just like to dabble in the reality TV gossip, you will surely have found yourself at some point over the last few months embroiled in serious debate over whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

Rumours first started flying around back in September 2017, and fans have since been on the lookout for the slightest hint of a baby bump. There’s been numerous rumoured sightings and a number of eagle-eyed followers think they’ve spotted a glimpse of a pregnant belly in Kylies Snapchat and Instagram posts.

But, recently, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Ky Jen has kinda disappeared off the face of the


We were convinced that Kylie’s absence from the advent-style teasers for the Kardashian Christmas card throughout December would result in Kylie (probably dressed as the Virgin Mary) unveiling her baby bump to the world on Christmas Day.

Alas, she was very clearly missing from the final picture thus prompting us to launch an official investigation into the possible whereabouts of Kylie Jenner.

We’ve come up with several potential theories, so far...


Where is Kylie Jenner? An in-depth investigation

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1/ Kylie’s not pregnant but is going in to the Celebrity Big Brother house

Either, the pregnancy ploy was all an elaborate plan to keep her entrance into the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house a secret. OR, Kylie could be planning to reveal her baby bump in the house and provide Big Brother with their first ever in-house birth. She'd be in safe hands with big sister Khloe's BFF Malika Haqq already in the house as this year's vaguely-connected-to-the-Kardashians contestant.

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2/ Kylie has actually already given birth and is in hiding in Calabasas

Although Kylie was missing from the Kardashian Christmas card countdown, we all thought she'd make an appearance avec bump on December 25th. And by December 24th we were convinced. In the Christmas Eve snap, Kris, North, MJ, Kourtney and Penelope were all looking over at someone off camera to the right. At first, we thought this could be Kylie and her preggo belly, ready to jump in for the final Christmas Day pic.  But when that turned out to be a false alarm, we started hearing whisperings that Ky had already given birth. Could the family be cooing over a teeny-tiny Kardashian baby behind the photographer? PLUS, Khloe's recent pregnancy announcement showcased a prominent bump, and there's reports she's up to six months pregnant herself. As Kylie's baby rumours began before Khloe's back in September, she could have been over three months gone at the time and therefore already popped out Kris' latest grandchild.

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3/ Kylie’s actually on a NASA Space Mission to the moon

Forget taking over the world with a new brood of Kardashian babies, Momager Kris has her sights set on the whole entire Universe and is apparently very keen to film Keeping Up With The Kardashian's in space. Previously speaking to heat, a source revealed: "Kris is fascinated by outer space, and is looking into paying for her and the family to be among the first passengers on Virgin's commercial space shuttle."Perhaps she's sent her youngest to test out life on the moon? And if that fuels a load of pregnancy rumours, press attention and opportunities to make some extra cash, then everyone's a winner, right?

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4/ She’s launching a new career with the New York City Ballet

Remember when there was talk of Kylie launching a rap career? Well that turned out to be a big ol' lie, but maybe her creative juices need a new outlet and she's actually hit the east coast to join the New York City Ballet. Stranger things have happened, tbh.

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5/ Kylie’s taking the world’s longest nap

Fronting a multi-million-dollar cosmetic empire, filming several reality TV shows and constantly trying to find the perfect lighting for a selfie can be tiring work. Throw in swerving the paparazzi trying to catch a glimpse of a 'baby bump' and its definitely possible Kylie could be exhausted and just taking a really, really long nap.

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6/ Relaxing at a Yoga retreat in Thailand

All this speculation over whether or not she's with child may have proved too much for Kylie to deal with, so she's potentially checked herself in to a luxury spa and yoga retreat in a remote island off of Thailand. You might find her in downward dog, chanting Oms and working on finding her inner Zen.

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7/ Getting back to nature in the African bush

Similarly, Kylie may have reached her limit with the tiresome reality TV life and materialistic nature of Hollywood, and escaped to the wild African bush to be at one with nature.  She might be losing herself in the Serengeti and re-discovering the real Kylie under the dark starry skies. Perhaps 2017 was also her year for 'like realizing stuff'…

We’re still lacking concrete evidence to support any of these potential scenarios, however, chat show host and showbiz legend Ellen DeGeneres just gave away another huge clue.

Read all about that here.

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