Whitney Houston tried to make sure Destiny’s Child didn’t split up

Although we love a bit of "Say My Name", we’re pretty stoked she didn’t succeed


by Gwendolyn Smith |
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It’s become apparent that Whitney Houston might have drastically altered our current happiness levels. And NOT for the better.

Yep, it’s emerged that Whitney tried to make sure that Destiny’s Child didn’t split up. Now, don’t get us wrong, we can get on down to *Survivor *just as eagerly as anyone who attended a school disco in the late '90s.

But imagine if her wish had come true – we’d never have experienced the might of Queen Bey or felt that it was appropriate to be Crazy In Love.

Plus we’d have been forced to listen to weird breathy hits like “T-Shirt” for the rest of time.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Michelle Williams (in case you can’t remember, she’s the one who’s neither Kelly Rowlands nor Beyonce) told the magical story about how she and the rest of the band first met Whitney when they bumped into her singing one of their songs in a hotel lobby.

She said: "Myself, Beyonce, and Kelly we were walking into our hotel. Bobby Brown was in the hotel lobby, and he said: 'My wife loves you girls!' She comes and starts singing Say My Name."

Whitney then took on the role of their pastoral care advisor. “She was singing Say My Name and then she was encouraging us. She said, 'Y'all stay together, stick together, love each other,’” Michelle explained.

Well, we can all heave a sigh of relief that Beyoncé apparently wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe it was ironically this moment that inspired her to break away from the group and become the next reigning diva.

If that's the case, then Whitney sure did us a favour.

Still, if the tale has made you pine for past times, here's a reminder of what could've been.

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