Will George Clooney be running the London Marathon 2016?

Lost a bet!

by Ellen Kerry |
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We reckon losing a bet where you have to commit to running 26.2 miles around London in the possible wind/rain/boiling sunshine is a pretty rough deal. But that’s exactly what happened to George Clooney.

The handsome actor bet his model pal Christy Turlington that she would take longer than 4 hours to complete the Virgin London Marathon and, guess what? She totally nailed it in less than 4 hours. Turlington managed her marathon in 3 hours and 45 minutes. In yo’ FACE, GC. Oh, and congrats, Christy.

The good news for people who would love to see a mega hot Hollywood actor running past our actual faces during 2016 marathon is that it WILL HAPPEN. If George isn’t a back-outta-it kinda guy.

Christy said that the thought of George having to sweat it out the following year (plus enjoying a pint after) gave her major incentive to pick up her pace.

"Thinking about George running a marathon and having a good night's sleep before the race will help my time. The moment I cross the line, I want to go for a pint."

One thing’s for sure, if George does run next year’s marathon we’re sure he’ll have a healthy following the whole way around…

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