Will.i.am and Nicole Scherzinger’s video for Mona Lisa Smile is BATSHIT

He plays a decapitated head and Napoleon. Sure.

will.i.am mona lisa smile video

by Heat |

Remember that song Mona Lisa Smile from Will.i.am's 2013 album #willpower? Us neither! But he's only gone and done a music video for it, and we're bloody glad he did because it's mad. And in partnership with Parisian museum The Louvre. Obviously.

As if Mr i.am inserting himself into various famous artworks wasn't enough, he's also got some of his friends involved and at one point plays a coquettish decapitated head.

will.i.am mona lisa smile video

All the while, Nicole Scherzinger looms over proceedings doing the creepiest impression of the Mona Lisa complete with borderline psychotic humming.

Towards the end it strays into a vaguely violent 'la-da-di-da' that sounds as if it could turn into lyrics at any point but, alas, it never does. Probably because the Mona Lisa is one of art's great mysteries and hearing the muse of the painting actually speak words would take away some of that.

Yes, we deserve a History of Art prize. Yes, we Googled it.

Anyway, Will didn't just pop himself into pictures - he actually convinced The Louvre to let him go hog wild in the building itself.

"They let me go to the Louvre at 2am to record the guitars for that song, I wanted to capture the ambiance of the Louvre, that Mona Lisa lives in. That was exciting, to walk through the Louvre at 2am with the manager," he once explained in an interview with Pursuitist.

Totally worth it. You can absolutely hear that. Sure.

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