Will Tulisa return to the X Factor? She CAN and WILL, apparently

The singer loved appearing on the show this year


by Owen Tonks |
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That Tulisa Contostavlos bird has had a bit of a rough year – she was riding high as popstar and judge on the X Factor before she became embroiled in newspaper a sting, in which she was accused of setting up a drug deal.

Now she’s back having made a return to the television talent contest alongside Louis Walsh at the judges’ houses stage and she says she wants to return to the show full-time because she CAN AND WILL.

She told MailOnline: “Going back to the X Factor is something I feel I could definitely do now because of the place I’m in.

“I understand with that show that for anyone doing it, it takes a lot of energy and you have to feel it and want to do it and you have to have that passion.

“The place I’m in right now, I definitely have that back again, and it’s something that I would and could do.”


Former N-Dubz singer Tulisa stunned viewers of the current series when she emerged out of the sea at judges’ houses, and she also made a second appearance as a mentor to eight-piece boyband Stereo Kicks.

She escaped a spell in jail in July when her court case collapsed after the undercover reporter she was accused of arranging the drug sale for was accused of lying in court.

But the star claims her return to the show brought some happiness back to her life, saying: “Being able to come back to the X Factor was a big deal for me, a big moment.

“My solo career really kicked off from that show and I don’t feel like I left it on such a high.

“So to be able to go back on it after all the rubbish that I’d gone through that year and for them to welcome me back with open arms, it felt like the perfect place, because it was just after the case, to celebrate the comeback and be like, ‘Yeah, I’m back.’ It means a lot.”


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